MTM’s Mentorship Program Graduates Inaugural Class

MTM’s Mentorship Program provides employees with opportunities to nurture their leadership skills, learn more about MTM culture, network with peers, and further their professional development. During its enrollment period, prospective mentors and mentees submit applications and professional profile forms that are used to pair mentors and mentees together based on work history, education, certifications, competencies, skill set and strengths, areas of potential development, personal interests, and hobbies. The mentor-mentee relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that allows both parties to learn from one another.

We are so excited to that our Mentorship Program has officially graduated its first group of mentors and mentees! Pairs spent the past year meeting each month to discuss personal, professional, and career development topics. Below two mentor-mentee pairs recap their experience in the program:


“The Mentorship program was an engaging, mindful, and empowering experience. I grew as an individual, colleague, leader, and coach.  Furthermore, I developed a long lasting friendship with my mentee, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to help develop a member of our MTM family.” -Britt Singer, Senior Training Specialist, Network

“This is a great program, and to be partnered with Britt was even better. I definitely took this opportunity and embraced it. I developed leadership skills and to top it off, I got promoted during the program and my mentor went through the whole process as my biggest supporter. This is a great opportunity for the future leaders.  I appreciate everything about the mentorship program. I am proof it worked. Thank you!” -Andres Olivares, Ride Right Safety and Training Manager

Shane was always easy for me to talk to and provided a lot of insight into my areas of opportunity as they were once the same for him. He pointed me to great resources to improve on task and time management and walked me through what worked for him. I appreciated the fact that he could relate to my pitfalls and provide real life feedback on what works. It was also nice to have an outside support system and cheerleader as I go through school and try to excel at my career simultaneously. This program truly connects employees and builds cross-company friendships. -Kait O’Neill, Provider Credentialing Team Lead

“I loved being a part of the Mentorship Program at MTM, and being paired with Kait made it all the better! I learned about the areas that she wanted to improve upon and her goals, personal and professional. We met regularly and completed various assignments to prepare her for the future. I learned about myself a lot during the year and how I can be a stronger leader as well.  It helped me to come up with creative solutions to areas Kait wanted to work on, and through that process I grew stronger in those areas as well. I look forward to maintaining that strong relationship that we built!  Kait is very ambitious and has a bright future with MTM.” -Shane Oskins, Senior CSC Manager, Implementations


We look forward to fostering internal leadership further with future Mentorship Program groups!


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