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18 Employees Complete Freedom from Smoking Program

18 more MTM employees are officially calling themselves non-smokers after their completion of our Freedom from Smoking program last week! Participants and their cheerleaders, general managers, executive leadership, and even CEO Alaina Macia joined in a celebration last week to offer congratulations to these strong-willed employees!

Sharing with each other new habits that helped take their minds off those urges and plenty of knowledge on cigarettes and their effect on the body let this group truly be accountable for the success of one another. Employees from different states would email, text, and use Facebook to ensure that one of them could always be there for another needing help.

Members created a private Facebook group, for current support group members to check in with each other and share successes, as well as for members who have already completed the program to offer support and inspiration. The group also used a mobile application that showed them how many days they were smoke-free after quit day, how much money they’d saved based on their frequency of the habit before the program, and how many days of life they’d gained by making the decision to stop smoking. They brought awesome ideas into the program for future participants to utilize.

Previous smokers joined the program for so many different reasons- some to finally be able to host grandchildren in their home they’d previously smoked in, some for self-empowerment, others because they’d picked up the habit after completing the program once and needed support to finally knock the habit. Thanks to Manager of Business Development and Program Coordinator, Andi Boyd, Wellness Director Chris Mileski, and so many more for making this program and its resources available to employees, and connecting them together through this awesome support system.


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