Stakeholder meeting

Minnesota Holds 1st Stakeholder Meeting in Mendota Heights

MTM Minnesota hosted their first Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting in MTM’s new Mendota Heights office location last week. Transportation providers enjoyed a larger conference room, refreshments, and presentations from the Network team. MN’s new Education, Training, and Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Marengo, and Resolution Specialist, Tara Stevenson were introduced as valuable resources for stakeholders. They each took some time to describe their duties and how they will interact with the providers. The Network presentation covered recent contract updates, notes from the field about customer service, and HIPAA violations. After final Minnesota Legislature updates were provided, everyone participated in an open dialogue discussion. A tour of the new office was also offered after the meeting for those who were unable to attend the open house for the new space.

MTM is glad to have such a space in Minnesota to continue offering so many parties these opportunities for communication. Keeping everyone in the loop will be easy with this great space!


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