On The Move Spring Webinar Series

On the Move Spring Webinar Series

Are you looking for ways to better serve your travel training customers?

Experts from MTM and other organizations led three bi-weekly webinars featuring 30 minutes of tips and discussion on innovative ways to work with customers and improve travel training practices.

Impact of Medication on Travel Training

Do you know how specific medications may affect your travel trainees? While some medication side effects may not be bothersome, others can cause the individual severe issues like dizziness, difficulty moving, hallucinations, disorientation, blurred vision, lethargy, and more. Our experts discussed how certain medications may impact the abilities of travel trainees, and how you can modify travel training practices to accommodate debilitating side effects.

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Deploying New Technology in Travel Training

Technology doesn’t just impact our personal lives—it can greatly benefit our travel training careers, too! In recent years, smart phone apps have made it easier for travel trainers to plan routes, and have even made it easier for trainees to travel on their own. Our expert discussed the latest travel training technology trends, apps every travel trainer should use, and safety concerns when using smart phones while on public transit.

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Working with Individuals Who Have Seizures & Epilepsy

Do you struggle with how to best handle customers who experience seizures or epilepsy? This webinar explored best practices for working with epileptic travel trainees, as well as considerations you should make for this population. We discussed the different types of epilepsy and seizures, the types of questions you should and shouldn’t ask the individual, and how to best handle a travel trainee who may have a seizure during training.

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