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Support for MTM West Virginia Flood Victims

Recent flooding has devastated West Virginians: 26 lives were taken, and many left homeless. Several in MTM’s West Virginia office found themselves flood victims. Customer Service Representative Jerry Walden lost her home altogether.

So, MTM employees did what MTM employees do best: provided Jerry with all kinds of support. In an effort to help her recover, local coworkers immediately instated several internal initiatives to help her get the items back that she needed. Emails and flyers went out around with opportunities to help Jerry immediately. Staff began asking her specific needs. The response: everything. Jerry was starting over. From basic necessities, to clothes, to furniture, Jerry’s West Virginian coworkers started pitching in. The office even provided an opportunity for staff to volunteer to help Jerry with the cleanup at the site of her home. They held a hot dog sale for lunch Friday, with all proceeds going to Jerry. Her coworkers raised $300 for her during the lunch alone!

Such contributions let us pride ourselves on our family culture! Hats off to our employees.


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