Self Defense Class

Self Defense Promotes Self-Confidence

Lake St. Louis self defense class attendees have gained valuable skills from the new courses, as well as great memories! Amidst all the fun, students are very receptive to Sensei Darrell Power, who, over six hour-long class sessions, has taught the behavioral tendencies that people may have upon being attacked, how to alleviate such thoughts and reactions, and how to turn them into defensive blocks. The 40 women enrolled are gaining confidence in their ability to handle various types of attacks against any size attacker with their current strength. They are becoming equipped with the best practices for simple, realistic techniques to defend themselves against an attacker. They know the importance of delivering one vital hit that will allow them to escape. These lessons in awareness and prevention have boosted the self-confidence of all students. Thank you to Wellness Director Chris Mileski for arranging an initiative that has given this new mindset to so many women!


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