Freedom from smoking program meeting

Video: MTM’s Freedom from Smoking Program

A large part of our culture at MTM revolves around our Health and Wellness initiatives. In offices nationwide, buzz about who’s logged the most hours for the season’s “Walk to Wellness” competition can be heard in the breakrooms, Zagster bikes are rented out for lunchtime rides, yearly health screenings give employees a big-picture view of their health and fitness, and behind the closed boardroom door, soon to be non-smokers share anxieties and solutions as they gear up to stop smoking cigarettes.

We’re referencing our Freedom from Smoking program in the last example- an MTM-sponsored class to help ready and willing employees through a journey to smoking cessation. When all MTM campuses nationwide went smoke-free on April 1, 2014, MTM leadership, all the way up to CEO Alaina Macia, started brainstorming ways to support staff in complying with this policy and in leading healthier, happier lives. Since that brainstorming session, we’ve hosted six “Freedom from Smoking” sessions, each over the course of 8 weeks. They’ve served 274 staff members thus far, in 12 different states. Watch the video below to understand exactly what the program looks like from a very personal point of view of some of its participants. They’ll showcase just what it takes to be a member of the program: a lot of learning, much self-discipline, plenty of giving and receiving support, and a plethora of emotions. We hope you get a better feel for our company culture and enjoy viewing!


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