Cincinnati Ohio cityscape

Education, Training, and Outreach in Cincinnati

On June 1st, Ohio Education, Training, and Outreach Coordinator Sunja Bennett presented at the Member Advisory Committee (MAC) meeting held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Approximately 75 to 80 members were in attendance to hear her talk about information needed to contact MTM for a reservation, explain differences between routine and urgent rides and scheduled and will-call rides, and give tips for driver success and expectations for member and driver behavior. Manager of Delegation Relations and Oversight Kim Gray stated, “The information presented was spot-on for the group in attendance.”

Sunja was able to offer members alternative ways to utilize MTM for transportation. She let them know that MTM can provide a bus pass, which many members said they would request in the future. When members were asked to complete a “Transportation Feedback Form,” Kim Gray found only two or three that not present 100 percent positive feedback on MTM’s services. 


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