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CEO Alaina Macia Honors Three with Employee Travel Inventive Awards

Congratulations to MTM employees Ashley Pyles, Tina Gunseor, and Brianna Jahn, as they have been awarded the Individual Travel Award by our CEO and President, Alaina Maciá. The Individual Travel Incentive includes transportation for two, hotel accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights, two activities per person, meal expenses, and onsite dedicated local support. Detailed below are the reasons these individuals were specially chosen to receive such an honor:

  • Ashley Pyles started working for MTM as a CSR in September 2013, and since that time, she has been promoted to a CSC Coach, CSC Supervisor, and now she is the Operations Supervisor over CSCOT, GMR Help Desk, and the back office work completed by the VA Operation Team. Ashley always helps others when asked because she desires nothing more than to serve others while growing MTM. She leads with a true servant’s heart, and she always has a smile on her face each and every day. Ashley has been a source of inspiration to each and every person that she has come into contact with, and she has grown into such a great leader. There are no limits to Ashley’s future growth with MTM.
  • Tina Gunseor, Senior Contract Analyst, is an MTM team member that goes above and beyond on a regular basis to assist other departments and co-workers with whatever is necessary to make sure that MTM is providing a quality product and our bottom line is being well served and protected. She has been extremely instrumental to the Business Development Team this year on several difficult contracts. Tina is a go-to for any information or data that is difficult to locate, and she knows exactly who to contact or how to extract it. Tina never says that she will not help or that she cannot find the information; she always finds a way. She is professional, always has a great attitude, remains humble, and is dedicated to helping all MTM departments so that we can build strong contacts that consistently bring profit.
  • Brianna Jahn, Care Management Supervisor, truly embodies MTM’s vision and values. She does not simply come up with bandaid solutions, as she is always looking at the root cause, seeing how those things ripple throughout the other operational areas, preparing and analyzing data to support those analyses, and then developing a plan on how to actually solve any underlying issues. Brianna has taken it upon herself to meet with staff from other areas to understand their concerns and how she can help alleviate them. She is a true team player, extremely humble, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make MTM successful.

All three employees are more than deserving based on their ability to maintain our core values on a continuous basis, and we are so excited to present them with this award and travel opportunity. We look forward to their continued success at MTM!


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