Quality Assurance

As transit agencies outsource more services to achieve cost savings, a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) contractor is imperative to accurately track performance metrics, analyze data, and lead the agency and its contractors through continual quality improvement.

Acting as the agency’s eyes and ears—a true augmentation of the agency’s own staff—an impartial QA contractor adds an extra layer of neutrality to hold other vendors accountable and proactively address service and compliance issues. With expertise that blends transit and quality assurance, MTM understands the way various aspects of QA affect a transit system’s operation, and has a dedicated model in place to promote compliance and system improvement.

The Value of a Third Party Contractor

Third party contractors have no bias towards the agency’s contractors for service delivery or customer service functions, allowing them to bring impartiality and consistency to QA oversight. Our independent monitoring and review promotes verifiable compliance, safety, and system improvement, ensuring both administrative and operational functions are delivered at an uncompromised level. Just as important as this level of objectivity is transcending compliance and focusing on service excellence. With the data and insight collected by the QA contractor, transit agencies are able to apply changes to areas that need improvement and deliver a premier level of service.

The benefits of an independent, comprehensive QA program are unparalleled:

  • Verifiable compliance and accountability to performance standards
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust
  • Better productivity from service delivery, customer service, and other third party contractors
  • In-depth analysis of data and service performance
  • Data integrity, with performance data and metrics transit agencies can trust
  • Continuous improvement through Six Sigma and Lean methodologies
  • Executive-level thought leadership with reporting and service improvement recommendations
  • Decrease of agency staff workload burden, allowing other important aspects of transit system operation to be your focus

Our Approach

Working hand in hand with your agency, we will identify frequently challenging KPIs around customer satisfaction, on-time performance, maintenance, productivity, and more, with the ultimate goal of improving your transit operation. With these KPIs in place as the backbone of your QA functions, MTM will provide you more than just a dashboard—we’ll give you a solid analysis of the issues your agency may be facing, how your system in performing, and where improvements can be made.



  • Monitor call center performance (reservations, dispatch, and scheduling)
  • Review late cancellations and no-shows
  • Investigate and resolve complaints
  • Report accidents and incidents
  • Oversee fare collection and reconcilliation
  • Ridership analysis
  • Billing audits


  • Inspect vehicles
  • Perform on-street monitoring and Mystery Rider activities
  • Inspect facilities and garages
  • Perform maintenance audits
  • Asset management
  • Analyze vehicle defects and service interruptions
  • Review operator reports
  • Conduct vehicle readiness/condition audits
  • Monitor preventive maintenance


  • Ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Develop ad hoc reports
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys
  • Drug and alcohol policy adherence

MTM’s established program model delineates QA into two distinct components: Administrative QA and Operations QA. Administrative QA focuses on data integrity, customer service, customer feedback resolution, and the investigation of accidents and incidents. Operations QA focuses on safety, on-the-street performance, and facility/vehicle maintenance monitoring. Together, both areas align to give agencies full understanding of their operation through consistent monitoring, review, and process improvement.

Why MTM?

In every contract we operate, MTM performs QA activities—making us uniquely qualified to deliver impartial reviews, analyze service trends, and report clear findings and recommendations. MTM is a true pioneer in developing QA processes for the non-emergency medical transportation industry, and has successfully implemented these strategies in our own programs for more than two decades. Our dedicated Quality and Compliance department monitors the delivery of more than 20 million trips per year by our subcontracted network of transportation providers, as well as the more than 7.5 million calls fielded by our customer service centers annually. For each of our more than 100 contracts, we have internal quality control measures in place and hold ourselves accountable to performance standards and KPIs.

More specific to the transit industry, MTM partners with transit agencies in Maryland and Washington, D.C. to deliver dedicated QA programs. In both cases, we work closely with the transit agencies to develop comprehensive models that provide oversight of both Administrative and Operations QA of their paratransit systems. With a library of protocols, policies, procedures, and documentation developed over the past 20-plus years and ready to be tailored to transit agencies’ specific needs, MTM is well equipped to streamline implementation and make immediate positive impacts for transit agencies of any size.