MTM’s On the Move program provides full management of assessments on behalf of transit agencies, communities, school districts, Medicaid programs, and organizations serving special needs populations—leaving you to focus on other aspects of your operations while we facilitate passenger independence and better access to the community.

Assessment Types

ADA Assessments

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility process should ensure that only truly eligible passengers are approved to use costly paratransit services. As opposed to other organizations that rely on paper-based processes, MTM’s in-person interviews and assessments provide impartial evaluations that eliminate a false positive for eligibility. All On the Move assessment processes remain in strict accordance with ADA paratransit regulations.

Special Needs Assessments

On the Move can also help school districts and special needs organizations encourage independence via public transit. In-person assessments assist caregivers and educators in determining if passengers have the ability to safely and effectively utilize public transportation for daily travel to school, work, and medical appointments.

General Mobility Assessments

General mobility assessments are available to any organization in need of eligibility determinations for transportation benefits, as well as those seeking to improve the overall independence of the populations they serve. For example, MTM’s NEMT clients rely on our in-person assessments to migrate passengers from sedan-level services to public transit as a means for cost containment.

The On the Move Assessment Process

Assessment Process