Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Member Responsibilities and Conduct

Scheduling Transportation

You may request NEMT services only if:

  • You have no other means of transportation to get to your appointment
  • You are traveling for a health care reason like a doctor appointment or dialysis treatment

You must schedule a ride at least two business days in advance. For example, call by Monday for an appointment on Wednesday.

When you call, you must:

  • Under penalty of law, provide accurate and complete information
  • Have the following information ready:
    • Your name, home address, and phone number
    • Your ForwardHealth ID Number (ten-digit number listed on your ForwardHealth card)
    • The street address and the phone number where you want to be picked up
    • The name, phone number, address, and ZIP code of the healthcare provider you are seeing
    • The date and start time of your appointment
    • The end time of your appointment, if you know it
    • Any special needs, including if you need someone to ride with you
    • General reason for the appointment (check-up, eye appointment, etc.)

Utilizing NEMT Services

When utilizing NEMT to travel to an appointment, you must:

  • Be dressed, clean, and ready for your ride at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time
  • Never bring alcohol, drugs, or any weapon on the vehicle
  • Use the seatbelt; please note that you will not be transported until you are secured by the seatbelt
  • Supply car seats for children
  • Bring your own wheelchair if necessary
  • Never smoke, eat, or consume beverages while on board the vehicle
  • Never physically or verbally abuse other members or the driver
  • Be thoughtful of other passengers you share a ride with

Cancelling NEMT Services

If you are unable to go to your appointment, please call MTM, Inc. at 866-907-1493 to cancel your trip. Please call as soon as you know that you no longer need a scheduled ride, including if you were scheduled to ride the bus. You should contact MTM, Inc. at least 24 hours before a scheduled ride if possible if you need to cancel.

Reporting Issues

Drivers are required to follow certain rules. Please call MTM, Inc. at 866-436-0457 or fill out our online complaint form if:

  • Your driver is driving dangerously
  • Your driver is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, illegal drugs, or other drugs
  • The heat or air conditioning in the vehicle is not working properly
  • There is no seat or seatbelt for you in the vehicle
  • The driver did not pick you up
  • The driver was more than 15 minutes late
  • The driver did not help you get in or out of the vehicle and you needed assistance
  • Your driver and/or provided attendant is not wearing or does not have an easy-to-read official company ID badge
  • The vehicle is not marked with the company name
  • Your driver is texting while driving or using a cell phone that is not in handsfree mode
  • The driver does not open the vehicle door for you if you ask for their help
  • The driver does not help you get from the door of where you are picked up to the vehicle and to the main door of where you are going if you ask for their help
  • The driver and/or attendant did not help you move and store your wheelchair or other medical equipment
  • Your driver and/or provided attendant touches you besides as appropriate and necessary to get into or out of the vehicle, into a seat, secure your seatbelt, or provide first aid or assistance