Webinar Recording: Mobility Direct Remote ADA Eligibility Certification

Ready to move beyond one-size-fits-all ADA eligibility certification, but lack the budget to build out a full in-person assessment program? Whether your agency has a low-volume paratransit program or you’re looking for a way to save valuable funds in today’s post-COVID transit landscape, it’s time to go beyond the paper application and rubber stamp! If you missed our remote certification webinar featuring our Mobility Direct platform, great news – the recording is now available. Watch now to learn how you can build a more robust, yet still affordable, approach to eligibility certification.

Quality Assurance Webinar: Bringing Impartiality & Consistency to Transit Operations through QA

Does your transit agency outsource services to achieve cost savings? Do you have a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) program in place to accurately track performance metrics, analyze data, and lead your agency and its contractors through continual quality improvement?
Join MTM for a webinar discussing how a dedicated QA model can help you promote compliance and system improvement!

Register for MTM’s ADA Eligibility Assessments Webinar

Is your organization struggling with implementing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit eligibility assessment process? Formalized eligibility assessments for complementary ADA paratransit service can reap huge savings for transit agencies. Join us for an informative webinar on Thursday, November 21st at 1 p.m. CST to hear the advice of three public transportation experts as they discuss factors that impact ADA …