Two EMS workers exit their ambulance and wheel a patient into the ER. Access to NEMT results in better health outcomes and appropriate ER diversion.

SDOH: How Does Access to NEMT Affect ER Diversion and Utilization? Part I

When individuals lack reliable transportation to their primary care doctors for routine medical care, they often turn to EMS transportation and head to the ER instead. MTM’s Director of SDoH and Product Development Tamara Carlton is here to tell you how alternative transportation options like NEMT result in better health outcomes and appropriate ER diversion, creating more space and better care for patients who truly need the ER.

SDOH Transportation

SDOH: How Transportation Affects the Working Class

Urban sprawl has created a huge problem in our country’s metropolitan areas. Without comprehensive public transit systems, many of our cities’ workers are without reliable access to transportation to and from their places of employment. Find out how this is negatively impacting SDoH factors, and how MTM is helping create a solution to combat transportation insecurity.

Food Insecurity

SDOH and the Impact of Food Insecurity

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity is affecting more Americans than ever–in fact, it is estimated that one in six Americans struggle to access adequate food resources. Find out how MTM is partnering with organizations nationwide to combat the impact of food insecurity and remove barriers to accessing nutritious food.

COVID Vaccine

MTM Offers Rides to United Immunity-STL COVID Vaccine Clinics

As communities nationwide begin offering the COVID vaccine to more widespread populations, many members of the transportation disadvantaged community don’t have a way to get to their vaccination appointments. Recently, we were proud to partner with Home State Health and other St. Louis area organizations to offer transportation to residents who qualify for the United Immunity-STL COVID vaccine clinics. Learn how we assisted in the coordinated effort!

SDOH Transportation

SDOH and the Impact of Transportation

Using NEMT to ensure members get to their medical appointments is only half the battle in improving health outcomes and ensuring long-term social wellbeing. There’s more health plans can do to provide community transportation for their members, with the ultimate goal of removing SDOH barriers, improving health outcomes, reducing healthcare expenses, and encouraging members to enhance their quality of life. Learn how MTM can help!