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In the News: MTM Featured in the March Issue of Technology Magazine

By creating an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships fueled by innovation, MTM strives to remove community barriers and bring a whole-person approach to healthcare. This approach was recently featured in the March issue of Technology Magazine, where our President and CEO Alaina Maciá shared how MTM has developed innovative solutions that promote independence, remove barriers, and help connect community resources with the people that need them. Check out a sneak peak of the exclusive profile! 

Webinar Recording: Mobility Direct Remote ADA Eligibility Certification

Ready to move beyond one-size-fits-all ADA eligibility certification, but lack the budget to build out a full in-person assessment program? Whether your agency has a low-volume paratransit program or you’re looking for a way to save valuable funds in today’s post-COVID transit landscape, it’s time to go beyond the paper application and rubber stamp! If you missed our remote certification webinar featuring our Mobility Direct platform, great news – the recording is now available. Watch now to learn how you can build a more robust, yet still affordable, approach to eligibility certification.