Case Study: Member Wallet Brings Efficiency and Convenience to Using Public Transit for NEMT

What if there were an easier way for NEMT members to utilize public transit? With MTM’s Member Wallet program, there is! Member Wallet automates the public transit process, giving members funds to purchase transit fare using pre-paid, reloadable debit cards. Find out how Member Wallet makes taking public transit more convenient for members, while also decreasing the potential for fraud, waste, and abuse. 

MTM Staff to Present at St. Louis Green Business Challenge Brown Bag Lunch

As a St. Louis Green Business Challenge company, MTM is committed to working towards a greener Earth–and public transit promotion is part of our initiatives! But, what is travel training and how does it help promote public transit utilization? Join MTM’s St. Louis-area travel training team for a virtual brown bag lunch training session hosted by the St. Louis Green Business Challenge to find out!