Nevada DHCFP Selects MTM to Continue Operating Statewide NEMT Program

Following four years of successful partnership, MTM is excited to announce that we are retaining operation of our statewide NEMT program in Nevada! Since 2016, MTM has provided consistent, prompt, and efficient NEMT services to Medicaid recipients throughout the state. Take a look at how we plan to continuing improving NEMT services in the new term through technology and innovation.

Florida Member Shawn Mertens Brings Smiles to MTM Teammates

At MTM, our dedicated teams never hesitate to go above and beyond to meet the transportation needs of our most vulnerable members. One of those members is Shawn Mertens, who lives in Florida. Complications with quality transportation access was always a challenge for Shawn and his family, until MTM stepped in. Learn more about our special relationship with Shawn as MTM wishes him a very happy 22nd birthday!


MTM and MTAC Celebrate the Inclusion of NEMT Legislation in the Consolidated Appropriations Act

For the past several years, MTM has worked with the Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC), our fellow NEMT brokers, and legislators to introduce legislation that strengthens access to NEMT services for Medicaid members. Now, we’re excited to join MTAC in celebrating the enactment of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, which includes language that will codify the Medicaid NEMT benefit into law. Learn more about this exciting step forward!

Tami Justice Highlights the Importance of Transportation Provider Relationships

Across the country, MTM is dedicated to removing community barriers through reliable transportation. In this video, Regional Director of Operations Tami Justice explains what sets MTM apart from other NEMT brokers–particularly when it comes to partnerships with our network of transportation providers. Hear what she has to say!

In the News: Lawmakers Look to Protect NEMT Benefit

With Medicaid reform an ongoing topic of concern in legislature, an important bill aims to protect NEMT for Medicaid members. The bipartisan legislation would incorporate the transportation benefit into existing Medicaid statutes, and would also protect NEMT integrity by requiring prior authorization and/or utilization management of services. Find out why it’s so important to protect the NEMT benefit!

MTM Introduces the My Health GPS Program in D.C.

In the District of Columbia, many citizens lack access to transportation resources for immediate, urgent healthcare appointments. As the District’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) vendor, the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) enlisted MTM and a consortium of community providers to help launch a program aimed at removing transportation barriers for 4,000 My Health GPS enrollees who need immediate non-emergency healthcare.