District of Columbia DHCF Re-Awards NEMT Contract to MTM, Marking 14 Years of Collaboration and Partnership

For 14 years, MTM has delivered high quality NEMT services to Medicaid and IDD beneficiaries in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We’re excited to announce that following a competitive bidding process, the District of Columbia has once again selected MTM as its NEMT broker. Congratulations to our team on nearly a decade and half of service excellence in DC!


Nevada DHCFP Selects MTM to Continue Operating Statewide NEMT Program

Following four years of successful partnership, MTM is excited to announce that we are retaining operation of our statewide NEMT program in Nevada! Since 2016, MTM has provided consistent, prompt, and efficient NEMT services to Medicaid recipients throughout the state. Take a look at how we plan to continuing improving NEMT services in the new term through technology and innovation.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage & NEMT: How Can You Set Your Plan Apart?

As many as one third of Medicare members report facing transportation insecurity that affects their ability to access healthcare. With Medicare Advantage enrollment set to exceed 26 million this year, now is the time to set your plan apart and accelerate your membership growth by offering an innovative transportation benefit. Find out how MTM can help drive you ahead of your competition!

SDOH Transportation

SDOH and the Impact of Transportation

Using NEMT to ensure members get to their medical appointments is only half the battle in improving health outcomes and ensuring long-term social wellbeing. There’s more health plans can do to provide community transportation for their members, with the ultimate goal of removing SDOH barriers, improving health outcomes, reducing healthcare expenses, and encouraging members to enhance their quality of life. Learn how MTM can help!


SDOH: MTM is More than Just a NEMT Broker

The same members who struggle to access healthcare often struggle with other Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) like economic stability, neighborhood and physical environment, food quality and stability, education, and social contact. Using transportation to ensure members get to their medical appointments is only half the battle in improving health outcomes and ensuring long-term wellbeing. That’s where MTM comes in.

Florida Member Shawn Mertens Brings Smiles to MTM Teammates

At MTM, our dedicated teams never hesitate to go above and beyond to meet the transportation needs of our most vulnerable members. One of those members is Shawn Mertens, who lives in Florida. Complications with quality transportation access was always a challenge for Shawn and his family, until MTM stepped in. Learn more about our special relationship with Shawn as MTM wishes him a very happy 22nd birthday!

NEMT provider community hero

MTM Featured in NEMTAC’s NEMT Today Winter 2021 Edition

In 2020, NEMT providers experienced an unprecedented drop in trip volume due to the effects of COVID-19. To help the providers we work with stay in business, we’ve found new ways to use NEMT fleets creatively, while also helping our health plan partners address Social Determinants of Health. MTM’s own Tamara Carlton recently wrote a piece for NEMTAC’s NEMT Today Winter 2021 issue highlighting how we’ve found additional work for NEMT providers while rewarding them for their passion and dedication throughout the pandemic. Check it out here!