Capital Metro

MTM Transit and Capital Metro Team Up to Deliver Bottled Water to Austin Residents

Throughout the state of Texas, millions of residents recently faced lack of electricity, heat, and water in their homes in the wake of severe winter storms and freezing temperatures. In partnership with the City of Austin and Capital Metro, the local MTM Transit team–many of whom have been without power and drinking water themselves–stepped up to meet the needs of their community. Find out how they helped deliver bottled water to community distribution centers!

Case Study: RTC of Washoe County Creates Efficiencies with FlexRIDE Microtransit

Nationwide, transit agencies struggle with maintaining fixed bus routes due to low ridership levels. In partnership with MTM Transit, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County combatted this issue with the introduction of FlexRIDE, a microtransit system that replaced the inefficient routes with on-demand service using minibus vehicles. The result? Higher passenger satisfaction and tripled ridership levels, while maintaining the same cost per passenger experienced on the previous fixed routes. Learn more about this exciting and expanding new service!