MTM Safr

MTM Partners with Safr to Provide Safety-Focused On-Demand Transportation

Focused on providing a top-notch transportation experience for our most vulnerable members, MTM is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Safr, a unique ridesharing platform built specifically with the needs of women in mind. Safr’s NEMT model offers meticulous and reliable support to vulnerable members who may not be comfortable riding with traditional ridesharing services, like women who have experienced a history of abuse, children, and older adults. Find out more about our new partnership set to kick off in Michigan!


Nevada DHCFP Selects MTM to Continue Operating Statewide NEMT Program

Following four years of successful partnership, MTM is excited to announce that we are retaining operation of our statewide NEMT program in Nevada! Since 2016, MTM has provided consistent, prompt, and efficient NEMT services to Medicaid recipients throughout the state. Take a look at how we plan to continuing improving NEMT services in the new term through technology and innovation.

Medicare Advantage & NEMT: How Can You Set Your Plan Apart?

As many as one third of Medicare members report facing transportation insecurity that affects their ability to access healthcare. With Medicare Advantage enrollment set to exceed 26 million this year, now is the time to set your plan apart and accelerate your membership growth by offering an innovative transportation benefit. Find out how MTM can help drive you ahead of your competition!


Social Determinants of Health: Where Does Transportation Fit?

MTM is synonymous with NEMT, an incredibly important component of ensuring members can access healthcare—but what if there was something more health plans could do to provide community transportation for their members, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes? Learn how MTM is using non-medical transportation to mitigate the risks and negative outcomes associated with social determinants of health.

Three New Leaders Join MTM’s Information Technology Team

Technology and innovation is continually changing the way MTM operates, and we need leaders who can help successfully execute our vision of technological enhancement. With this in mind, MTM is pleased to announce the hiring of three new leaders over our Information Technology group: Rajkumar Farkiya, Chief Architect; Patrick Higgins, Vice President, Information Technology; and Goran Banjac, Vice President, Engineering.