Capital Metro

MTM Transit and Capital Metro Team Up to Deliver Bottled Water to Austin Residents

Throughout the state of Texas, millions of residents recently faced lack of electricity, heat, and water in their homes in the wake of severe winter storms and freezing temperatures. In partnership with the City of Austin and Capital Metro, the local MTM Transit team–many of whom have been without power and drinking water themselves–stepped up to meet the needs of their community. Find out how they helped deliver bottled water to community distribution centers!

Webinar Recording: Mobility Direct Remote ADA Eligibility Certification

Ready to move beyond one-size-fits-all ADA eligibility certification, but lack the budget to build out a full in-person assessment program? Whether your agency has a low-volume paratransit program or you’re looking for a way to save valuable funds in today’s post-COVID transit landscape, it’s time to go beyond the paper application and rubber stamp! If you missed our remote certification webinar featuring our Mobility Direct platform, great news – the recording is now available. Watch now to learn how you can build a more robust, yet still affordable, approach to eligibility certification.

Watch Our Post-COVID Eligibility Assessments Webinar!

Miss our most recent mobility management webinar? No worries—now you can access the recording! Watch as our panelists discuss how you can safely resume your agency’s paratransit eligibility assessment process as you balance COVID-19 safety guidelines with ensuring ADA paratransit services are used appropriately. Challenging times motivate us to look at non-traditional solutions, and MTM and our panelists guide you as you enter this new phase cautiously!

Martin County MARTY

MTM Transit Adds to Florida Operations with New Service in Martin County

With the goals of improving service quality, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and growing transit ridership, MTM Transit recently partnered with Martin County, Florida to operate the local MARTY fixed route system and MARTY Access ADA paratransit service, which serve a combined ridership of 106,000 passengers every year. Learn more about this exciting new partnership!

MTS Eligibility Assessment Webinar Recording Now Available

Did you miss our webinar with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) on June 11? Great news – the recording is now available! Watch our panelists and learn how a 100% in-person eligibility assessment model helps transit agencies make more accurate determinations, enforce trip-by-trip conditional eligibility, flatten the curve of growing paratransit demand, and ensure paratransit services are available for those who truly need it.

LA Access Assessment Team Participates in Abilities Expo

In Los Angeles, MTM partners with Access Services–the area’s paratransit system–to conduct ADA eligibility assessments. In partnership with the system, our assessment team recently provided free mark and tethering assessments to individuals using mobility devices at the local Abilities Expo, helping ensure safe wheelchair securement on board paratransit vehicles and buses.