Social Determinants of Health: Where Does Transportation Fit?

MTM is synonymous with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), an incredibly important component of ensuring members can access healthcare—but what if there was something more health plans could do to provide community transportation for their members, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes?

The Important Role of SDoH

Forward thinking managed care organizations realize that social determinants of health (SDoH) play a huge role in health risks and outcomes. In fact, according to the Robert Johnson Wood Foundation, SDoH factors can drive as much as 80% of health outcomes.

A healthy lifestyle starts in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities, and unfortunately, is frequently predetermined by the social and economic opportunities afforded to us. Medicaid members, who are low-income by definition, are especially at a disadvantage, as they often struggle with basic needs like food, employment, and shelter—which negatively impacts their future health.

Where Does Transportation Fit?

Transportation is a missing piece of the puzzle. When a member has access to reliable transportation, they have a way to get to better employment and education opportunities; an improved ability to connect with friends and family for social and recreational outings; and a consistent method for accessing basic daily needs like grocery stores, pharmacies, and healthy food options. MTM is a transportation partner that can help you bridge the gap between members and community.

MTM: Your Leading Non-Medical Community Transportation Vendor

Every year, MTM provides more than 20 million trips to members connecting with healthcare services. We’re ready to help you do more with our robust existing networks and customer service facilities, and can support you in expanding your transportation benefit to include more than just trips to the doctor:

  • Daily and/or as-needed transportation to vocational, educational, and employment opportunities
  • Weekly trips to the grocery store and pharmacy
  • A set number of annual trips to community activities like church, fitness facilities, personal care like the hair dresser, and social gatherings

MTM is proud to be your partner in implementing a whole person approach to healthcare in your efforts to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare expenses, and encourage members to improve their overall quality of life.