We know that a higher education isn’t financially feasible for some of our employees—tuition reimbursement is a way for us to invest in your future career growth at MTM and help you receive your bachelor’s or master’s degree. While we encourage and support any employee seeking a degree, not just anyone can receive tuition reimbursement. To earn the opportunity for reimbursement, you must:


    • Have at least one-year full-time employment as of the application deadline
    • Must be a regular, full-time employee
    • Be in good standing and not subject to disciplinary action
    • Intend to pursue coursework that is directly applicable to MTM’s business and your job



The Tuition Reimbursement Program is designed to benefit all levels of development for our employees. We will be offering two types of reimbursement:


Non Advanced Degrees - Includes conferences, certifications, examinations and undergraduate degrees

Advanced Degrees - Includes Master's Degree, MBA, PhD, JD

Please read through the Tuition Reimbursement Policies for more information.

Below are schools that are currently MTM approved schools. Please look through their webpages to explore what each school has to offer. Benefits include waived application fees as well as discounts on credit hours.

If you have another school that you would like to attend, please email #tuition. We will review the school and the program to ensure they are an accredited institution.

Applications can be turned in on an ongoing basis, based on program start dates. Please allow at least 60 - 90 days for approval. 

Application Process: 

           1. Complete Individual Development Plan with Manager approval

           2. Fill out and submit Tuition Reimbursement Application 

           3. After you have submitted the application, you will be asked to submit your approved Individual Development Plan

           4. Application will be reviewed 

           5. Depending on chosen program, you may be asked to complete a panel interview

           6. Approval letter sent to employee

           7. Complete and submit approval packet

           8. Enroll and complete courses

           9. Submit Reimbursement Request Form with final course documentation

          10. Recieve reimbursement based on final approval & submission of proper documentation

For questions about the Tuition Reimbursement Program please e-mail #Tuition.


All applications for the tuition reimbursement program are reviewed by a committee inclusive of MTM executives, select management staff, and members of the People & Culture team. 


If you’re selected for the program, that does not mean you will automatically receive reimbursement—you will have to study hard or get stuck with the bill. Participants pay all upfront costs for their coursework with the promise of reimbursement only after successful completion of the semester. The highest reimbursement goes to those who are truly successful based on a sliding scale:

GPA/% of reimbursement

  • 3.6 or More


  • 3.1-3.5


  • 2.6-3.0


  • 2.1-2.5


  • Less Than 2.0


At the end of every semester, we will also ask participants to share what they’ve learned through their studies. Via Core, you will recap some major course principles to help spread the value of your education and encourage other employees to apply for the program in the future.


Please e-mail all questions to #Tuition.