If you’re ready to grow with the help of an experienced MTM leader, our Mentorship Program is for you! The Mentorship Program is a company-wide initiative that provides employees with opportunities to nurture their leadership skills, learn more about MTM culture, network with peers, and further their professional development.


Once a year, MTM hosts an open enrollment period for our Mentorship Program, during which prospective mentors and mentees submit an application and professional profile form. These documents are then used to pair mentors and mentees together, along with determining which specific mentor program they should be involved in based on work history, education, certifications, competencies, skill set and strengths, areas of potential development, personal interests, and hobbies. The employee’s tenure with MTM, past performance, and objectives for entering into a mentoring relationship will also be considered before placement.


Overall, the Mentorship Program will help to improve communication, encourage continuous improvement, and spread best practices company wide. The mentor/mentee relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that allows both parties to learn from one another.



  • Enhancing skills in coaching, counseling, effective listening, and behavior modeling
  • Developing and practicing a more personal style of leadership
  • Providing a chance to share knowledge and experiences with others
  • Developing new perspectives
  • Obtaining a greater understanding of the barriers experienced at different levels of the organization


  • Furthering development as a professional
  • Gaining the capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions
  • Complementing ongoing formal study and/or training and development activities
  • Developing new perspectives
  • Getting assistance with ideas
  • Exploring professional potential
  • Increasing career networks