Join Our Provider Network

MTM is always recruiting high-quality transportation providers to become part of our network. Joining the MTM network consists of application, credentialing, and contracting phases. You will work with a designated Contract Representative to help you through each phase.


You will complete and submit a letter of intent, which details the types of transportation services you offer, as well as your service area, hours of availability, and company contact information.

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Prior to contracting with MTM, you will submit insurance documentation, driver lists, and completed driver criminal background checks (where applicable). MTM’s Contract Representative will conduct an initial site visit to evaluate the adequacy of your office location and equipment. While there, the Representative will also perform vehicle inspections and introduce the provider to MTM’s Transportation Provider Guidelines. The results of this phase determine whether you move to the contracting phase.


MTM drafts a Service Agreement/contract and reimbursement schedule, which includes the extensive requirements of MTM’s Provider Guidelines. Once you sign the contract and MTM countersigns, you will officially become a member of MTM’s transportation network and will be eligible to receive trips.