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TravelTrainingMTM provides travel training to individuals who are capable of using the public transit system, but require some assistance to get started. Travel training is arranged in the member’s community, using real buses and situations and is designed to familiarize the member with local transportation options.

Travel training can be offered as an independent service, but in most cases, travel training follows ADA, general mobility, or special needs assessments. Assessing individuals in advance of travel training ensures that recommended candidates have the potential to benefit from the training program and to successfully travel independently at its conclusion.

Courses are taught by skilled trainers with experience in serving individuals or groups with special needs and disabilities. The trainers assist participants in overcoming fears and building confidence so they can use the least restrictive mode of public transportation system to the fullest extent possible.

Benefits of Travel Training

Travel training helps individuals become more confident and self-reliant as a result of learning to travel independently. These skills improve the quality of life of the program participant as it encourages community integration, participation in recreational and employment activities, and overall independence. Travel Training also provides benefit to the community as it encourages use of public transportation and reduces costly paratransit usage

Travel training topics include:

  • Safety and Awareness
  • Bus and Train Maps and Schedules
  • Trip Planning
  • Accessibility Features of the Bus and Rail Systems
  • Emergency Skills
  • Appropriate Social Behavior

One-on-One and Group Sessions


Training sessions are conducted by MTM’s travel training staff in one-on-one situations or small groups, as is appropriate for the individual(s) undergoing the training. Following training, MTM staff  follows up with the individuals, tracking progress and providing re-training when necessary.

For individuals eligible for one-on-one travel training, the program provides comprehensive, personalized, one-on-one instruction to specific destinations using the  public transit system. The On the Move program also offers group training for more generalized bus familiarization.

During both one-on-one and group sessions, travel trainers will utilize both classroom and in-the-field activities to provide a customized training experience. Trainees will complete classroom, hands-on, and on-the-bus activities and take a trip on the bus to a pre-determined location.


Train-the-Trainer Program


MTM also offers a Train-the-Trainer program which focuses on providing information to those who are currently providing travel training services, or who may provide such services in the future. It is also well-suited for familiarizing clinicians with public transportation, so they can serve as knowledge resources for their clients.

The Train-the-Trainer program is based on curriculum from Easter Seals Project ACTION. The training includes classroom instruction and time on-the-bus and covers topics such as policies, accessibility options, trip planning, street crossing, task analysis, and utilizing specific training tools. The location and duration of the training sessions are flexible.

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. The On the Move program will continue to support those who have completed the On the Move Train-the-Trainer program through an online community forum.


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