As we experience explosive growth nationwide, MTM seeks to optimize our talent pipeline to ensure we have candidates who are immediately ready to step into leadership roles when we enter new markets. If you want to become a future leader at MTM, this is your chance to advance! Our Advance Program offers high performing, motivated staff the opportunity to expand your cross-functional knowledge and work on high level projects as you strive to move up.


Advance is only for candidates who are serious about their future at MTM, as it requires a full year commitment to intensive training, mentoring, and job shadowing. Prior to beginning the program, you must complete a thorough application process, which includes describing your career goals and obtaining recommendation letters from your immediate supervisor and a co-worker. 


During your year in Advance, you will journey through a diverse curriculum inclusive of classroom courses, online learning, mentorship, field experience, and a year-long project.


When you complete the program, you receive a special graduation package, including a bonus and an invitation to a leadership retreat. Your prestigious certification also gives you an advantage for future leadership openings, as we know you are well prepared for the challenge.

 Advance Program applications are currently being reviewed for 2017.

Advance Program Includes

Classroom Training

Advance begins with courses, including LEAD I and LEAD II, Coaching at MTM, Goal Management, Performance Management, and Company Travel.


Grow personally and professionally with the help of a mentor who is matched with you based on your existing skills and future career goals.

Jack Welch Leadership Program

Jack Welch training includes online courses that you complete on your own time. Each month, Advance participants meet to discuss the courses with a guest speaker.

Field Experience/Rotation

After formal training, you travel to several MTM call centers and business offices to work in different environments. While visiting, participants job shadow various positions that are unique to each location. Field experience may include assisting with a new contract implementation.

Year-Long Project

During the kick-off of Advance, each participant is assigned a project to focus on throughout the course of the year. These projects are intended to give you firsthand experience improving MTM's operational efficiencies and processes.